HubChats Dance Theatre: a panel discussion


HubChats are panel discussions led by guest artists that focus on relevant topics for Philadelphia dance artists. Participants can come with questions, stories to share, or just lend a supportive ear. HubChats are always free.

"The Knight Foundation and Dance/USA instigated a survey in which the Philadelphia dance artists reported 'the main obstacle to the community reaching its’ full potential is the lack of a hub for networking, taking class, and sharing performance.'  In response, we initiated our HubChats, which engages local artists in new and deeper ways."


Judy Williams | Rentals & Operations Manager

Translating Creative Languages

Curated by 2020 Resident Artist

Thursday, February 13, 2020, 6:00 PM

  • The Perils of Self-Producing

  • Dance Theatre: a panel discussion

  • What does a sustainable practice look like?

  • Putting it in words: how to talk about your experience in dance