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Mission Statement

Mission Statement: On Pointe Dance Company, Inc., will take young people interested in the art of dance and provide them with the forum to explore, develop an expose their talents. On Point SDC was supply these young people with opportunities to acquire the basic skills needed to build their self-esteem, character, confidence level and physical structure through public performance. On Point will serve as an alternative to the traditional after-school program in that it will focus on dance, performance and the diversity in the Fine Arts. It will allow those enrolled in the program to learn choreography, meet professionals in the field and travel the world to perform period. By instilling the values of individual pride, group effort and healthy competition, the program will serve as a positive alternative to the drugs, violence and crime that plagues the young people of our local community.

On Pointe Dance Company, Inc.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

2:30 PM

Cost: $20

Presenting ReVAMPed, On Pointe's 1st Annual Company show. Come witness the talent & energy of 20 young dancers & choreographers celebrating the company’s 20th year. Incorporated in 2000, On Pointe is on a mission to leave it all on the dance floor. Under the creative choreography of Ms. Lillian Saunders and Ms. Dominque Peden and the direction of Ms. Yvette Solomon-James, we present ReVAMPed.


ReVAMPed is based on the reconstruction of On Pointe Dance Company. Focused on dancing with fluidity, consistency and control while presenting pieces that encompasses all genres to show the versatility of the dancers. ReVAMPeD is set out to reconstruct the wheel piece by piece! Each dance will showcase the performers fighting to keep the chain linked by performing a plethora of unique pieces. Bound by our commitment to each other, On Pointe Dance Company, is reconstructed and rising to the top.

For more information contact:

(215) 549-1722


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