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Caroline O'Brien

Collo is a professional dancer, dance maker and curator presenting and practicing within the Philadelphia area. Freelancing for the last 10 years, Collo has collaborated with many amazing artists and musicians within the city including Olive Prince, Jason Harris, Rebekah Rickards, Steve Davitt, Mary Stickney, Rachael Glashan-Rupisan, and Fred dance co. Part of Collo's mission as an artist is to create environments where multiple communities cross paths; with hopes for future collaborations..

Modern Fusion
with Caroline O'Brien

Tuesdays 6:30-8:00 PM

Last class December 18th

$12 per class

Cash or Venmo

Collo seeks to provide an energetic, athletic technique class experimenting with elements of modern, hip-hop, and contemporary styles. This class will work towards building full body strength by accessing the core and utilizing the upper body through extensive floor work phrases. We will investigate the following choreographic and improvisational themes: Reversing, Retrograding, Repetition, Body Part Patterns, Momentum, and Connection/Clarity of Pathways. A significant amount of movement will incorporate the spine as a prominent pathway connector, to flow through undulations. 

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