Group Motion began in Philadelphia in 1968 as a contemporary modern dance organization, pioneering the art form of multi-media dance theater. It was originally founded in Berlin in 1962 by Brigitta Herrmann, Hellmut Gottschild and Katharina Sehnert as a chamber dance company that evolved from the Mary Wigman School of Dance. Then named Motion Berlin, it was one of the very few modern dance companies in Germany at the time, performing  throughout Germany and  Europe. Manfred Fischbeck joined the company in 1967 for the creation of Countdown for Orpheus, their first multi-media production. In 1968, under the direction of Herrmann, Gottschild, and Fischbeck, the company relocated to Philadelphia under the name of Group Motion Multi Media Dance Theater, and quickly received critical recognition. They performed at Judson Church in New York in 1968, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival in 1969, and joined the National Endowment for the Arts touring program in the 1970s. Gottschild left the company in 1971 to found Zero Moving Company, while Fischbeck and Herrmann continued as co-directors. In 1971, Herrmann and Fischbeck created the Group Motion Workshop, which has since toured nationally and abroad through Germany, France, Argentina, Barbados and Japan. In Philadelphia, it is still offered every Friday night at the Community Education Center. 


Group Motion is one of Philadelphia’s longest running contemporary dance organizations. They have continued to hold their place in the forefront of contemporary dance and dance theater, creating a substantial body of over 50 works that have toured nationally and internationally in countries such as France, Argentina, Germany, Japan, Cyprus, Taiwan, Poland, and Lithuania. Group Motion also has a long history of collaboration with prominent national and international artists, including choreographers Carol Brown (New Zealand), Kenshi Nohmi and Akiko Kitamura (Japan), Oscar Araiz (Argentina), Wally Cardona (NYC), Rennie Harris (Philadelphia), Silvana Cardell (Philadelphia/Buenos Aires), Kun Yang Lin (Philadelphia), composers Phil Kline (New York), Andrea Clearfield (Philadelphia), Peter Price (Philadelphia), Tim Motzer (Philadelphia) and visual artists Peter Rose (Philadelphia), Warren Muller (Philadelphia) Harold Jacobs (France), Woofy Bubbles (USA) Joseph Wong (China), Tobin Rothlein (New York)) and Quintan Ana Wikswo (New York). 

Group Motion: 50 Years 
Group Motion 


Saturday, June 30, 2018

7:00 PM



Group Motion celebrates its 50th anniversary this year! Please join us Saturday, June 30th for a gala performance that will feature performances by alumni company members and collaborators alongside works by Co-Artistic Directors Brigitta Herrmann and Manfred Fischbeck.

For 50 years, Group Motion’s original work has contributed greatly to the Philadelphia dance community and beyond. They have touched the lives of countless people through their performances, which have included the presentation of and collaboration with local, national, and international artists, and through their workshops, which include national retreats and the ongoing Friday Night Workshop at the Community Education Center.


Featuring performances by Lindsay Browning/ Silvana Cardell with Olive Prince / Fidget with Megan Bridge and Peter Price / Aura Fischbeck / Laina Fischbeck with Matthieu Broquerie / Manfred Fishbeck / Brigitta Herrmann / Ric Iannacone, Tim Motzer and Lenny Seidman / Ernest Junge with Franko Frankenberg / Sheila Zagar


Featuring video by Jorge Cousineau with Niki Cousineau, Germaul Barnes, Myra Bazell, Esther Cowens, Monica Favand, Laina Fischbeck, Jennifer Mann and Heidi Weiss, and an original animation video by Kathy Rose. 

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