Instructor Biography

Fit Moms of Philly, LLC has partnered with Afro Beats Dance instructor Marjo (of CoCoRobics) to bring yet another amazing fitness event to the city of Philadelphia.

Afro-Dance Fitness Class
with Marjo
presented by Fit Moms of Philly, LLC 


Sunday, October 22, 2017



$ 15/adult

$ 6/child

Fit Moms of Philly, LLC is a fitness lifestyle brand, empowering women to engage in "Fitness though action and accountability." This brand works with all women through fitness boot-camps and special fitness events each month. Fit Mom of Philly, LLC's owner Delisa Roman is a mother of one and encourages women to embrace their "new" body after children. Fit Moms of Philly, LLC encourages women to shop around and find what type of movement or fitness regimen keeps them motivated. Stats show that 80% of women that start a fitness program quit within the first 6 weeks; we are encouraging women to form and maintain a healthy lifestyle whether through dance, kickboxing cardio, boot-camps, yoga, or outdoor recreational activities.

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