Employment Opportunities

Technical Director (Part-Time)


The Performance Garage seeks a part-time, permanent Technical Director. This position is well suited to an experienced technical professional who is currently freelancing in the field of dance in the Philadelphia area or who wishes to do so. 


The Performance Garage provides two first floor studio spaces, Studios A & B. Both studios are used for rehearsals, workshops and auditions; Studio A is also used for production rentals. The Technical Director will maintain the upkeep of both studios, but is primarily responsible for overseeing all technical operations for production rentals at the Performance Garage. 


The job asks for your full knowledge of lighting and sound, and coordinating necessary maintenance. Design knowledge is very helpful, especially in lighting. The TD works with a great deal of independence and exercises independent judgment in performing a wide variety of duties; however, you will be communicating on an ongoing basis with the Rental & Operations Manager, and on an as-needed basis with the Executive Director.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Sets up, maintains, and operates lighting and sound systems.

  • Monitors the condition of equipment, including lighting, sound, and rigging, as well as Marley/stage flooring; arranges for the repair and replacement within budgetary constraints; performs preventive maintenance on equipment.

  • Maintains inventory and orders specialized supplies.

  • Organizes tech storage supplies.

  • In advance of each production rental, meets with representatives from the production to determine the necessary technical requirements, such as lighting, sound, staging and special needs, to best serve the production and ensure compliance with rules and safety requirements.

  • Oversees/assists guest designers and artists with technical matters.

  • Must have very good interpersonal skills. Need to be able to communicate complex technical and lighting design ideas to choreographers who may or may not have technical experience, both in production meetings and under time pressure in tech.

  • Troubleshoots any technical problems and/or house problems during performances. 

  • In most cases, will run the light board/sound board for shows.

  • As the only Performance Garage staff on hand during most performances, will be responsible for certain aspects of House & Stage Management. Coordinates with House Manager when there is one onsite.

  • Prepares theater before shows and makes sure theater is ready for classes and rehearsals after shows finish.

  • Experience in dance is required; stage management ability is helpful. The position will require you to learn choreography quickly for the purpose of being able to run cues on your own (without a stage manager).

  • The TD is expected to be available for all production rentals. If you find you have outside commitments it is your responsibility to find a replacement for yourself. 


Because of the nature of production rentals, hours are varied, usually between 25-65 hours a month. In addition, staff meetings occur weekly for 1-2 hours, and a few monthly maintenance hours are provided. 


To Apply:

Send a resume and cover letter to Judy Williams, Rental & Operations Manager, at jwilliams@performancegarage.org or contact Judy Williams at (215) 569-4060.