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Equity & Inclusion Statement

Performance Garage

The Performance Garage is a community of diverse artists whose passion revolves around the art of dance.  We fully hear the voices and concerns of black and brown Americans and are sickened and saddened by systemic inequality and injustice. We wholly support the cause of racial equality, as we have since our founding in 2000.    

The Performance Garage is a home for choreographers, dancers and dance lovers of all races and ethnicities. We welcome educators of all backgrounds to the Performance Garage as a resource for the dance community, whether they are just starting their careers or are senior master artists.

Additionally, for more than 22 years, we have worked through various partnerships and programs to nurture dance amongst the youth in our neighborhood and in schools around Philadelphia. We are proud of this investment in the lives of inner-city youth and grateful for their contributions to the future of the arts.  

As a space whose community reflects the demographics of the city, we support the continued fight for racial equality and believe completely that Black Lives Matter.

Jeanne Ruddy Dance

© Bob Emmott

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