Photo by Dayshona Johnson Productions


Chocolate Ballerina Co. is a newly founded Philadelphia based dance theatre. The traditional ballet posé infused with urban pop culture dance form, is what this unique dance theatre has created into a new genre. Chocolate Ballerina Co.'s mission is to inspire lives through the traditional ballet techniques and intermingle them with the urban pop music that illustrates the struggles and successes of urban culture.

Chocolate Ballerina Co. 


Friday, July 27, 2018

8:00 PM


$20 General Admission

Philadelphia's premier ballet-infused urban culture professional performance company.

Chocolate Ballerina Co. is the place where ballet meets urban pop culture to create a new genre. A variety of traditional ballet and hip hop pioneers come together to collaborate for an astounding performance.

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For more information contact: 

Chanel Holland, Director at

(215) 828-9933