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Bryce Dance Company is a contemporary dance company located in Brooklyn, NY with focus on collaboration, community engagement, and making dance that opens dialogue. We explore timely and relevant themes through intricate choreography, sound, music, and interdisciplinary collaborations. In order to bring our work to new and underserved audiences we create public performances, site specific events, professional works for the stage, performances with alternative populations, and community focused workshops. Artistic Director and Founder, Heather Bryce, started Bryce Dance in Boston, MA in 2006. Since its founding, the company has received national attention and awards for its innovative choreography and community work. The company often partners with community based organizations to offer dance classes and performance opportunities to individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

Moving Memory
Bryce Dance Company

Saturday, October 12, 2019

7:30 PM


The pieces presented in this evening of repertory works explore personal history, memory impairment, and history. The title work, Moving Memory, was made possible in part by a Gibney POP performance and a residency at Mount Tremper Arts. Guest choreographer and Bryce Dance Company dancer, Emily Kessler, will present her original choreography, Allemande Left, an exploration of Sol Lewitt’s early wall drawings as translated to a dancescape. A rumination and extrapolation of a methodical structure, "Allemande Left" takes five dancers through a maze of their own making.

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