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Dance Iquail is a 21st century cutting edge dance company that was birthed to not only educate and empower talented dancers and the audience alike, but also to bring positive influence to inner city youth through education and community awareness.

Dance Iquail seeks to enhance the level of appreciation of dance in a spirit of excellence by embracing and pushing the talents of deserving, yet under-recognized dance artists. Founder, Iquail, experienced the injustice and politics in dance during his youth, and decided to make a stand by forming a company that would not only break such cultural and ethnic barriers, but also provide window of countless opportunities for aspiring dancers to be employed in a stable and secure environment.

Steering inner city youth in a positive direction is Dance Iquail’s most passionate pursuit. The company offers a place of purity and nurturing for inspiring young dancers to be taught not only the fundamentals of dance, but instills discipline and other virtues possessed by model citizens. This process is accomplished with the multi-talented teachers and choreographers that work within this organization.

Dance Iquail shows these youth how to channel the negativity that surrounds them daily, into a world of innovation and creativity through thought-provoking performances. Dance Iquail gives the inner city youth a true voice through the art of dance. Dance Iquail is very fortunate to have such a creative and passionate founder at the helm.

Dance Iquail has established noteworthy companies in both New York and Philadelphia, two of the world’s most visible cities for the art of dance. The company, being named for how one would speak with enthusiasm when seeing Iquail himself dance, have the privilege of learning firsthand from this credibly acclaimed, international teacher. Iquail is not only scholastically trained, but is a very versatile performer himself. He has experience on Broadway, and also in operas, concert dance, movies, television and print. Our founder is securing his legacy through this company, and will not only be appreciated for his selflessness as an artist, but will be celebrated for his willingness and devotion to share what he has learned, one community at a time.

Black Swan
Dance Iquail


Black Swan is a 90 minute dance-based production choreographed by Iquail Shaheed to the music of artist and activist Nina Simone (1933-2003).The project explores the experience of the black ballerina as a window into issues of race, identity, and isolation, incorporating elements of performance art to investigate these psychological tensions. You don't want to miss this work which has been described as  " of the most diversely expressive dance performances on the stage today, arguably ever."   -Matt Hanson. Broadway world.

This event includes graphic language and nudity.

Iquail Shaheed - Director-Choreographer
Daniel Carlton - Dramaturg
Jermaine Terry - Costumer Designer 
Micheal Jarrett - Lighting Designer

Elyse Browning, Courtney Conigatti, Emani Drake, Clarricia Golden, Tunai Jones, Ari Mayzick, and Sadale Warner. Additional performances by En L'air Dance Company of Philadelphia.

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