The Garden Of Eden Productions was founded by Author, Playwright, Screenplay writer, Director, and Producer Bethel Bates in 2006 and is dedicated to shaping and changing the lives of our inner city people of all ages through the magnificient world of theater, film, and media arts.

Aftermath Revelation 
Bethel Bates 

Presented by Garden of Eden Productions

Saturday, October 7, 2017

3:00-5:00PM &



$ 20 General Admission

An original stage production that takes a glimpse inside the lives of six US soldiers confronting the nature of the war fought worlds away from home and how it has impacted the lives of their families once they've returned.


Aftermath Revelation takes up again with the story of five soldiers, Zeke, two of his high school friends, Dasher and Donte, and two other soldiers, Paige and Sharlene. All of them have signed up to serve in the Armed Forces, Operation Iraqi Freedom. The story unfolds as they return from the war, all with a severe set of problems all their own as they suffer from some form of post-traumatic stress disorder that will prove to stain their lives forever, no matter how hard they try to reach some level of normalcy for themselves and their families.

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