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Meka Oku Is a Nigerian-born dancer from a musically inclined household. He became highly influenced by Michael Jackson’s unique and distinct way of movement, which sparked his interest towards dance at an early age. While keeping a strong core in his inherent style of dance commonly known as “Afrobeats”, Meka was able to learn Hip-Hop and bits of Dancehall on his own which makes him a self-taught dancer. Meka found love for choreography through his exceptional Afro Dance Styles and Dancehall inspired style of movement and this has allowed him to Choreograph for A-list Artists Including Psquare and Selebobo. Meka, always a student of the arts continues to share his art and cultural experiences with a smile for all who embrace it for the love of Afro Dance.


Afro Dance with Meka
with Meka Oku

Sunday, October 13, 2019

2:15 pm - 4:15 pm


$20 Per Person (regular)

$35 You & BFF

$25 At the Door! (per person)

"AFRO DANCE STYLES with Meka" brings you the hottest AFRO dance moves from all over Africa filled with fun, energy, passion and lots of laughs.​ All level dancers are welcome!

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Meka Oku at mekaoku@gmail.co